What Do I Do With A Loclite? Where Do We Go?

Every Loclite experience is different. Based on your interests, your loclite will create a custom itinerary.


Do I Get to Interact with My Loclite Before the Trip? 

Yes, after you sign up, we’ll share your loclite’s contact information. If you’re interested, you can arrange a brief phone call or Skype call to discuss what you would like to do.


Who Are Loclites?

We look high and low to find interesting, informed locals to help you have an incredible experience in their city. Because safety is our top priority, we make sure that they’re thoroughly vetted. 


What Do I Pay For?

A loclite pays for his own food and drink, but the traveler and loclite should set expectations about how much they want to spend in advance.


When you’re going to places with admissions fees (museum, concerts, etc.) we ask that you pay for yourself and for your loclite, but loclites will always ask your permission before taking you somewhere with an admission fee. Most admission fees are relatively inexpensive by American standards (e.g. average museum admission is $1; jazz clubs are $3-4). 


Do I Have to Tip? 

Loclites do not expect tips. If you enjoy your experience, you can leave them a good review and/or a 'gratitude gift' at the end of your trip.


How Does Transportation Work?

Traveling by car is by no means required. Many great loclite experiences are accessible by foot. 

If you do need a car, we work with a variety of transportation partners including Uber and the Indian equivalent, Ola. If you don’t have an Uber or Ola account, please bring cash to pay local taxis or auto-rickshaws. Loclites will always ask your permission to take cabs. 


Where Do I Meet My Loclite? 

Loclites will meet you at most hotels and Airbnb locations in Mumbai. In some cases, a loclite might ask you to meet at a popular landmark elsewhere.